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Personalized toilet seats

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It is, now, possible to get completely personalized toilet seats. A useful object can become a beautifull decorative object, a support of communication and why not a way to make people laugh.

However it’s an excellent idea for a gift and/or a new advertising 16px. Your imagination and some 13px technical constraints are the only limits. According to the use and the number of faces to decorate, we propose 3 different toilet seats of very high quality.  Each realization is treated with 2 layers of harden varnish.  You can use your logo, images or drawings but we also can give you some advices if you have a theme.  It’s possible to respect your existing decoration (curtains, friezes, wall paper, …).  Our offer is completely free of charge en we can give you a life-size model.

Our prices vary depending on the model chosen seat and the number of face (s) decorated (s) and range from € 155.00 to € 385.00. tvac, leaving our workshops


Time is of the order of 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of a deposit of 50%

Persobrills Personalized toilet seats